Abi and Trevor Close up

Photos by cordeliahaugen.com

In Abi’s words….Trevor and I met his senior year of high school in band. Only a few short months after we met we knew that there was something special between us. We have been together for over four years now and are both currently attending Gustavus Adolphus College. Over Christmas break 2013, on December 28th, Trevor told me he was taking me on a date. He ended up bringing me to the cemetery where my parents are buried. I lost them both in a car accident when I was just eight years old. We have a tradition of writing messages to my mom and dad on balloons and letting them go, so we found the perfect spot and released them. We walked back to the gravestone to say goodbye… and then he got down on his knee and proposed! We had always talked about getting married the summer before my senior year, but I had no idea when the proposal was coming. He later told me that he asked for my parents’ blessing on his balloon, and although they never had the chance to meet him, I know they couldn’t be any happier.


Trevor used to work for Keith at the farm when he was young. When his family told me that the barn was re-purposed as a wedding venue we decided we had to go see! It was the first venue we looked at and after we left I didn’t want to look at any more. I knew this was the place for us! Our wedding is June 27th, 2015 and we can’t wait to begin the rest of our life together!  (note from Linda….Trevor was about 13-14 years old when Keith hired him to help with sheep chores. I am sure he saw and did things that he will remember forever. He worked some long, hard hours, and it’s really special to have him coming here to get married to Abi!)