Tessah tells how they met:

Brett and I didn’t know each other our freshman year at Bethel. We had a few classes together, but didn’t talk to each other or truly know who the other person was. I first noticed Brett in a freshman lecture hall when he had to stand up and pass a football with another teammate. I thought he was cute, but had no interest! Brett then claims that he and I had a class together for the entire month of January, but I still don’t believe him!
The first time him and I actually talked was when he came to help move one of my roommates in sophomore year. I say he added me on Facebook, and he says I added him, but either way, we became friends and eventually gave each other our phone numbers. It wasn’t long before we were texting daily and making plans to hang out. He played football, so I started going to support the Bethel Royals Football team! I met his family at the game in St. Olaf that year, and had no idea that I would some day be a part of their family!

I claim that it took Brett a while to “like” me, but it may be a mutual feeling 🙂 We finally became an official couple and I’m sure we spent way too much time together! Most of our time over the next three years at Bethel was spent together. There were plenty of walks around campus, movies with our roommates, and date nights of playing BINGO and going bowling!

We have been spending the last year and a half apart due to my being in graduate school. Although it hasn’t been easy, it has been a huge blessing to be able to live with our parents! Since we have to spend much of our time apart,it makes us thankful for the times that we are able to share and grow together!

We look forward to being Mr. and Mrs. Skoog and starting our lives as one with God as our focus and rock! There isn’t anything we cannot do without Him! We pray for guidance, patience, and grace daily for what lies ahead!

Photos by Shanna Fairley Photography


Tessah tells about the proposal:

Brett and I were at his family cabin in the Upper Peninsula in Michigan and we had a date night planned in Copper Harbor (an hour away from his cabin). I was excited to go because we hadn’t ever been there since we have been together, and it sounded like a fun adventure. On our way to town, Brett had to stop at every single overlook/outlook he could find! It was driving me crazy, but along the way we found so many beautiful places to see Lake Superior and enjoy God’s beautiful creation! We eventually made it to Copper Harbor and ate at a wonderful restaurant that had a unique menu (sushi and schnitzel on the same menu!)! After we had dinner, we walked around the town a little bit and came across and ice cream shop. Anyone who knows me knows that there is ALWAYS room for dessert in my life!

As we finally started to head back to the cabin, Brett continued to want to stop at random places! I didn’t know he was trying to kill time, but he had a specific lighting that he wanted, so that required a specific time of arrival at the cabin.

The day was coming to an end and we were driving from our last pit stop. I was navigating us and accidentally had us take a wrong turn! oops! We finally figured it out and then Brett was driving really fast to make up time! When we were close to the cabin, Brett was holding my hand (fairly tight) and I was singing to the music 🙂

As we pulled into the driveway, everything looked as it normally would. However, Brett told me that we had to go for a walk on the beach and to leave everything where it was. We walked up the steps and in front of me were at least 100 candles lit in the sand and 4 signs reading “WILL YOU MARRY ME?” I was frozen and he walked me over to where he had the ring. I was so surprised and couldn’t speak! I just shook my head up and down and was crying. Then all of a sudden I heard someone shout… It was my mom!! Brett made the proposal even more perfect by having my parents come and help hold the signs! I had no idea who was holding the signs when I initially walked up, and it was both sets of parents! What a better way to start our engagement than spending it with family! Shortly after when we were taking a few pictures, Brett turned to me and told me that I never said “YES.” I guess I was too excited and assumed he knew the answer 🙂



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Best wishes to Tessah and Brett in their new life together as husband and wife.  Hope you keep playing bingo, taking walks, and watching movies!