According to Keith and Britta’s wedding website, the first ‘proposal’ came from Keith on their first meeting.  He interrupted Britta mid-sentence and said, “Will you marry me?!”  Britta is sure the ‘tongue in cheek’ proposal was because she professed her love for shootin’ guns and likes to wear camo.  See, it appears as though Keith had some criteria for the girl he’d someday marry, and shootin’ guns and wearing camo were two of them.  That’s my take….but they tell it better on their website.  Here’s an excerpt from Keith’s point of view  “everything that I found out about Britta was describing the woman I had dreamed about since I was a kid. She mentioned something about wearing camo and hunting in which I asked her to marry me, she said no, for now. A couple months later we were dating and falling in love and that is how I met and fell in love with my amazing wife to be Britta Joy”
Keith and Britta will wed tomorrow at Coop’s Event Barn. As I write this, Britta’s mom Barb, and her two good friends Mary and Kari are putting the finishing touches on what I know will be a beautiful day for this sweet couple to start their lives together as one. Best Wishes to this camo couple!
Photos by Metal Bird Media,  Check out their website and Facebook.