There’s just something kind of magical about Matt and Melissa. I remember talking to Keith on the phone after they had been out to visit the barn while I was at work. Keith was so excited to tell me how much I was going to like meeting this couple. I don’t recall the exact words, but ‘sweet and cute’ might have been used (more than once). I soon got to meet them when they wanted to meet us at Daubes and sign a contract and I quickly saw in Matt and Melissa the same qualities that Keith did. Matt has this smile and face that lights up with enthusiasm. Melissa describes him as being full of energy and a maker/seeker of adventure. Melissa confesses that she is not a morning person, but something tells me that with Matt’s energy and adventure seeking spirit, those slow wake up mornings might be more far and few between. She considers herself the luckiest girl in the world to be loved the way Matt loves her. I think it’s plain to see that when Matt looks at Melissa, he is completely smitten with her and touched by her sweetness. Something else about Matt and Melissa that really touched us was that they later brought out both sets of parents and grandparents to see the barn. Family is important to this couple and we are thrilled that they chose Coop’s Event Barn to bring together family and friends to celebrate their marriage.

One thing that cannot go unnoticed is that they are one good-looking couple. Matt and Melissa’s engagement photos, by Taryn Christine Photography, were featured on A Northwood’s Wedding website and also used in the commercial for KTTC’s cutest couple contest! (they were not qualified to enter since their photo was part of the promotion but would have no doubt been a strong contender).  And their proposal story is pretty impressive too – check that out on their cleverly named wedding website

MexicoBeachDuring the planning process Matt and Melissa took a huge step and moved to Nashville for a ‘too good to resist’ job offer for Matt. We’ve enjoyed working with them via phone and email and on visits back to Minnesota to create the day their dreams are made of. I am pretty sure there will be some adventure too!!  Love you two and thanks for sharing your day with us.