lindaThis is Linda….I had planned to do our first blog post to share how rewarding it has been to launch our new business and meet so many really nice couples and their families. Then, after emailing Brittany Van Grinsven and receiving her heartwarming story I realized that they tell the story better than I can. Brittany  found us on Facebook and first came to visit with her mom and dad on September 5. They came back again, a few weeks later with Justin, her fiance and his mom. What follows is this sweet story of two high school sweethearts who will become husband and wife at Coop’s Event Barn on Saturday, June 21, 2014 – the first day of summer.

From Brittany…..Justin and I have been dating since our junior year of high school. We first met when we were both involved in Fellowship of Christian Athletes and our school’s marching band. I had a little bit of a crush on Justin and was so excited when he asked me out on a date. He took me out to dinner and a movie one warm night in August of 2006 and we quickly became more than just friends. We dated through high school and college falling more in love and growing in our relationship. Seven years after our first date, I went on an evening walk with my family and came across a gazebo all lit up with lights. That night Justin got down on one knee inside of that gazebo and asked me to be his wife! , We are so very excited to be getting married June 21, 2014.

Brit_JustinAfter we got engaged we began the process of searching for the perfect place to have our big day. We toured numerous venues but nothing really fit what we were looking for. Justin and I wanted a place that we could make our own and express our individual style. One night after scouring many websites looking for the perfect place, I stumbled across a Facebook page for Coop’s Barn. I immediately called Justin and told him that I found the cutest venue for our wedding. The next morning I called and got a response from Keith. After just talking on the phone with Keith, I KNEW Coop’s was the place for us. I could hear in his voice how much pride he had in his barn and that he and Linda were in the business for all the right reasons.  When we came down to tour the barn we were blown away by the Cooper’s kindness, creativity, and willingness to help make our wedding dreams a reality.

We are counting down the days until June! Coop’s Event Barn will serve as the perfect place to have all of our family and friends come and celebrate our love. We cannot wait to finally be united in marriage and start our lives together as husband and wife!