BreMichael-2smallIt’s been fun introducing you to the couples who will be getting married at Coop’s Event Barn this summer.  Bre and Michael are, well really quite adorable.  I mean look at these engagement photos!  We’ve enjoyed getting to know them during visits to the barn and later through emails.  Most recently we’ve learned of their six pound puppy, Walter (a ‘morkie’ or maltese/yorkie mix), who we will meet this summer.  What strikes me most about Bre and Michael is their determination and creativity.  Bre owns her own design business where she helps clients turn their dreams and visions into a reality.  Michael has a Master’s Degree in Urban Planning and loves biking, tinkering, and building furniture pieces. Together, I have no doubt this young couples future dreams and visions for life will surely become reality.

A Little History. Bre and Michael attended the same large high school where their paths crossed on occasion.  It wasn’t until their senior year when they had the same morning Economics class where they came to know each other a little better.  Though Michael found her ‘eccentric’ on those early mornings, chatting it up with friends about the previous night’s televisions shows, something must have piqued his interest.  Call it destiny or fate,Walter they did begin hanging out in the same circle where they enjoyed each other’s company during bonfires and movie nights.  Near the end of their senior year Michael composed a clever poem to ask Bre to the prom.  She said yes and they have been together ever since.

Here’s how he asked.  When I asked how Michael proposed, I learned that it centered on food!  A fried egg in a hole, to be exact.  The thing is, Bre, who was working from her home office, was so taken by the ‘egg in a hole’ and all the other dishes he prepared that she barely noticed Michael getting down on his knee to propose.  She said ‘yes’ and that night they told their immediate families and had another delicious meal with the people they love.

Why Coop’s Event Barn?  When I asked them how and why they decided on our venue (since they’re from the Twin Cities) Bre said she found us while doing research on Pinterest.  Michael and Bre like the whole outdoorsy feel and love being outside in the summer – overall, it just felt right.

Moodboard300They’ve got style!!  Since Bre is a designer, I was really curious to hear how she would describe their wedding style or décor. Here’s what she told me, “Michael and I aren’t typical when it comes to traditional weddings. Our theme for the entire day is to really make it feel like an outdoors summer gathering with family and friends. Sure, we are the reason that it’s happening, but to us, it’s about being with family and coming together. I would describe the actual style as being natural with lots of greenery and neutral elements. For decor, we plan on keeping things simple and focusing on the details, like floral arrangements and table settings. It’s all still a work in progress, but we’re excited to see how it turns out!” (see the moodboard she created on the left).

Bre shared that their ceremony will be the most traditional part.  During dinner, they plan on allowing guests to “tell stories” about them rather than go through speeches. They will also have games set up in the barn’s lower level and scattered about the lawn. While typical receptions involve a dance, they are going for a more “BBQ gathering”Save-Datesmedium keeping with a style they are most comfortable with. Mostly Bre and Michael want to mingle, hang out, and create a comfortable evening for everyone there.

The thing they are most looking forward to during their wedding is a quiet weekend, filled with family and friends.  Removed from the city in a space filled with trees and natural features where they can infuse their own personal style.   Keith and I can’t wait to see how they turn their wedding dreams and visions into a reality!